Bill Wolfe
3623 Locust Street
Kansas City, MO 64109

Kansas City is conveniently located in the middle of the country with access by air from all major cities. Rental cars are readily available at the airport and there are many hotels in the area of Bill’s home. (Private apartment now available on premises if desired-see Apartment Info) click here

Bill is in the midtown area of Kansas City just off 36th and Main Street which is about five minutes from Downtown, Crown Center, or the Plaza.
A few of the hotels in the area are listed for your convenience:

*Embassy Suites (220 W 43rd)  816-756-1720
*Sheraton Suites (770 W 47th St) 816-931-4400
*Marriott (44th and Main) 816-531-3800

For more information on Kansas City, click here.


Travel To and From the Airport

Bill’s home is about 25-30 minutes from the airport, depending on traffic.

*Rental Cars-located in one location at the airport. Usually very reasonable

*Airport Shuttle-Round trip tickets can be purchased at the airport. Shuttle will drop you at hotel of choice. (round trip is around $40)

*Cabs-Readily available at the airport. Cost to midtown runs around $90 round trip.

*More and more visitors are using UBER. Cost is in the $30 range each way. Our personal UBER driver when available is Willie Martin.  You can pre-arrange pick-up and delivery back to the airport. Very nice vehicle, water available. 913-522-4441 (Williemartin@hotmail.com)



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