Previous Clients

2nd RU, Miss MO, Simone Esters, Baton-Turn the Beat Around

4th RU, Miss CT, Jillian Duffy, Vocal-Once Upon a Time

Top 7-Miss CO, Monica Thompson, Opera-Les Filles de Cadix

Top 15-Miss TX, Chandler Foreman, Flute-Dianna Ross Medley
Non-Finalist Talent Winner, Miss LA, Megan Crews, Vocal-I Will Always Love You


1st RU, Miss CT, Bridget Oei, Irish Dance-Heartbeat of Home

2nd RU/Talent Winner- Miss LA, Holly Conway, Vocal-I Believe

Top Ten Semi-finalist, Miss AL, Cali Walker, Ballet-Rodeo
NF Talent Winner, Miss HA, Penelope Ng Pack, V-They Just Keep Moving the Line


1st Runner Up, Miss MO, Jennifer Davis, Bollywood: Nacho Re

3rd RU, Miss DC, Briana Kinsey, Vocal: Born for This

Top 10, Miss VA, Cecil Weber, Dance: Last Dance
Top 12, Miss TN, Caty Davis, Vocal: I Have Nothing
Top 15, Miss Il, Abby Foster, Dance: Grease Lightning
Non-Finalist Talent Winner, Miss IA, Chelsea Daubczak, Opera: Sempre Libera


Miss America, Savvy Shields, (Miss AR) TALENT WINNER
              Dance: They Just Keep Moving the Line

2nd RU, Miss NY, Camille Sims, Vocal: Sway

4th RU, Miss MS, Laura Lee Lewis, Vocal: A Piece of Sky

Top 7, Miss MD, Hannah Brewer, Vocal: God Bless America
Top 10, Miss TN, Grace Burgess, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: Desperado
Non-Finalist Talent, Miss NH, Caroline Carter, Vocal: I Dreamed a Dream


TOP 7, Miss TN, Hannah Robison, Piano: El Cumbanchero

Top 10, Miss OK-Georgia Frazier, Vocal: Happy Days Are Here Again
Top 10, Miss TX-Shannon Standerford, Vocal: Son of a Preacher Man
Top 12, Miss IA-Taylor Wiebers, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: Don’t Forget Me
Top 15, Miss AR-Loren McDaniel, Vocal: Bring Him Home
Top 15, Miss VA-Savannah Lane, Vocal: Don’t Rain on My Parade


1st RU, Miss VA-Courtney Garrett, Vocal: Speak Softly Love

2nd RU, Miss AR-Ashton Campbell, Vocal: Via Dolarosa

4th RU, Miss MA-Lauren Kuhn, Piano: Valse Dramatico

Top 10, Miss MS-Jasmine Murray-V:Somethings Got a Hold on Me 
Top 10, Miss OH- (TALENT WINNER) Mackenzie Bart, Ventriloquism
Top 10, Miss OK-Alex Eppler, Dance: Titanium
Top 10, Miss TN-Haley Lewis, Vocal: I Who Have Nothing
Top 12, Miss IA-Aly Olson, Vocal: How Will I Ever Know


2nd RU, Miss OK-Kelsey Griswald, Vocal: Everybody Says Don’t

3rd RU, Miss FL (TALENT WINNER) Myrrhanda Jones, Baton: Big Noise

Top 10, Miss CT-Caitlyn Tarpey, Irish Step: Real Around the Sun
Top 10, Miss GA-Carley Mathis, Vocal: On My Own
Top 10, Miss KS-Teresa Vail, Opera: Nessun Dorma
Top 10, Miss MD-Christina Denny, Vocal: For Good
Top 12, Miss MO-Shelby Ringdahl, Vocal: Defying Gravity
Top 15, Miss MS-Chelsea Rick, Vocal: Can’t Help Lovin That Man

TALENT WINNER, Miss NH-Samanthat Russo, Vocal: Don’t Rain on my Parade
NON-Finalist Talent Winner, Miss LA-Jaden Leach, Vocal: I Can’t Let Go


2nd RU, Miss OK-Alicia Clifton, TALENT WINNER
                       Tap: Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Top 10, Miss MD-Joanna Guy, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: I Dreamed a Dream
Top 10, Miss TN-Chandler Lawson, Vocal: Turning Tables
Top 10, Miss TX-Danae Couch, Baton: Last Dance
Top 10, Miss FL-Laura McKeeman, Ballet: Esmeralda
Non-Finalist Talent-Miss MS-Marie Wicks, Piano: Moonlight Sonata


MISS AMERICA, Laura Kaeppeler, Miss WI
         Talent Winner   Opera: Il Bacio

1st RU, Miss OK, Betty Thompson, TALENT WINNER, Irish Dance: Riverdance

Top 10, Miss IA-Jessica Pray, Vocal: You Raise Me Up
Top 10, Miss TN-Erin Hatley, Vocal: Memory
Top 10, Miss TX-Kendall Morris, Piano: New World Symphony
Top 12, Miss FL-Kristina Janolo, Vocal: Gold
Top 13, Miss AL-Courtney Porter, Tap: I Got Rhythm
Top 15, Miss VA-Elizabeth Crot, Opera: Sempre Libera
Top 15, Miss NC-Hailey Best, Semi-Classical Vocal: Art is Calling for Me
Non-Finalist Talent Winner-Miss NE, Kayla Batt, Vocal: Love you I Do


2nd RU, Miss HA-Jalee Fuselier, Vocal: Feeling Good

4th RU, Miss OK-Emoly West, Dance: Time

Top 10, Miss AZ-Kathryn Bulkley, Opera: Nessum Dorma
Top 10, Miss CA-Arianna Afsar, Vocal: I Who Have Nothing
Top 10, Miss KY-Djuan Trent, Vocal: A Change Gonna Come
Top 10, Miss VA-Caitlin Uze, Irish Dance: Riverdance
Top 12, Miss TX-Ashley Melnick, Vocal: I Surrender
Non-Finalist Talent Winner-Miss MS, Sarah Beth James,  Piano: Piano Fantasy 


MISS AMERICA,  Caressa Cameron/Miss VA, 
          Talent Winner, Vocal: Listen

2nd RU, Stefanie Wittler, Miss TN, Vocal: I Will Always Love You

3rd RU, Katherine Putnam, Miss LA,  Piano: Halleluia Chorus

4th RU, Mallery Ervin, Miss KY,   Vocal: On My Own

Top   7, Miss NM-Nicole Miner,  Vocal: Somewhere
Top 10, Miss NE-Brittany Jeffers  Tap: So Much Better
Top 15, Miss AR, Sarah Slocum, Vocal: The Prayer

Pre-Lim Talent Winner, Miss MI, Nicole Blaszczyk, Dance: Lifetime
Non-Finalist Talent Winner, Miss IA, Ann Languth,  Violin: Zigeunerweisen


Top  7,    Miss TN-Ellen Carrington,  Vocal: Vole Mon Ange
Top 10,  Miss MI-Ashlee Baracy, Dance: Big Time
Top 10,  Miss DC-Kate Grinold,  Ballet: Tanguara
Top 12,  Miss AR-Ashlen Batson, Flute: Fantasy Brilliante
Top 15,  Miss DE-Galen Giaccone, TALENT WINNER, Piano: El Cumbanchero
Top 15,  Miss SD-Alexandra Hoffmann, Vocal: Even Now


MISS AMERICA, Kirsten Haglund/Miss MI,
    Vocal: Somewhere Over the Rainbow 

Top 10, Miss IA, Diana Reed, TALENT WINNER, Baton: You Can’t Stop the Beat
Top 15, Miss AR- Katie Bailey, Vocal: Feeling Good
Top 15, Miss FL- Kylie Williams, Vocal: Cowboy Sweetheart
Top 15, Miss MS- Kimberly Morgan, Vocal: God Bless the Child
Pre-Lim TALENT WINNER,  Miss CT-Dana Daunis, Vocal: Let Him Fly


MISS AMERICA, Lauren Nelson/Miss OK,  
            Vocal: You’ll Be in My Heart

3rd RU Miss MS-Taryn Foshee, Piano: El Cumbanchero

Top 10, Miss WA-Kristen Eddings, Vocal: For Once In My Life


Top 10, Miss SC-Erika Powell, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: Time to Say Goodbye
Top 10, Miss AR-Eudora Mosby, Vocal: Dream in Color
Top 10, Miss FL-Mari Wilensky, Vocal: Bridge Over Troubled Water


Top 10, Miss KS-Megan Bushell, Vocal: When You Say You Love Me


MISS AMERICA, Ericka Dunlap/Miss FL,
  Talent Winner, Vocal: If I Could

2nd RU, Miss WI-Tina Sauerhammer, 
  Talent Winner, Cello: The Swan

Top 10, Kelley Scott-Miss OK, Vocal: Son of a Preacher Man
Top 15, Amber Etheridge-Miss MO, Vocal: Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me


Top 10, Miss MS-Jennifer Adcock, Piano: Rhapsody in Blue
Top 10. Miss TX-Lisa Daizel, Flute: Shenandoah/Dueling Banjo Medley


Top 20, Miss MO-Jennifer Hover, Vocal: Somewhere Medley
Top 20, Miss OK-Kaci Hundley, Vocal: Cry


1st RU, Miss LA-Faith Jenkins, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: If I Could


Top 10, Miss WI-Mary Louise Curry, TALENT WINNER, Opera: Il Bacio


MISS AMERICA, Nicole Johnson/Miss VA
   Vocal: That’s Life

3rd RU, Miss FL-Lisette Gonzalez, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: All That Jazz

2nd RU, Miss MO-Deborah McDonald, Vocal: I Will Always Love You

Top 10, Miss IN-Julie ann Hackney, Vocal: My Man
Top 10, Miss AR-Erin Wheatley, Vocal/Tap: I Got Rhythm


1st RU, Miss NC-Michelle Warren, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: And I Am Telling You

Top 10, Miss LA Mette Boving, Vocal: How Do I Live


4th RU, Miss MO-Kim Masarro, Tap: My Favoite Son

Top 10, Miss IN, Shani Nielson, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: In His Eyes


MISS AMERICA, Shawntell Smith/Miss OK 
   Vocal: Woman in the Moon

2nd RU, Miss AR-Paula Montgomery, Vocal: Can’t Help Loving that Man


2nd RU, Miss NJ-Jennifer Makris, Vocal: Man That Got a Way

Top 10, Miss KS-Trishia Shaffer, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: Orange Colored Sky


4th RU, Miss VA-Nancy Glisson, Vocal: I Will Always Love You

Top 10, Miss AR-Nicole Bethman, Vocal: And I Am Telling You


MISS AMERICA, Leanza Cornet/Miss FL 
   Vocal: A New Life

3rd RU, Miss KS-Pam McKelvey, TALENT WINNER, Vocal: I Am Changing

Top 10, Miss OK-Dusharme Carter, Vocal: Keeping Out of Mischief Now
Top 10, Miss MO-Stephanie Patterson, Vocal: I Have Dreamed Medley


2nd RU, Miss MO-Soncee Brown,  Piano/Vocal-He Touched Me

Top Ten, Miss NC-Jennifer Smith, Vocal: Half a Moment
Top Ten, Miss KS-Robbin Wasson, Vocal: It’s a Miracle Medley


MISS AMERICA, Debbye Turner/Miss MO
   Marimba: Flight of Bumble Bee




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