Licensing & Release Forms



Due to the fact that every state has different rules and regulations concerning paperwork requirements, Bill only gets involved with the MUSIC RELEASE form.

If your state has a Music Release form, Bill would be happy to sign and email this form back to you. (You will need to email him the form from your state pageant). This form states that Bill did your music, and you have his permission to use it for your state competition.



Bill has nothing to do with the licensing your song title.

Most states require that you provide a license number for your song title, clearing it for use.
If you will go to the BMI or ASCAP website, find the TITLE SEARCH area, type in your song title, various listings of the song should come up. Your state is looking for one of the license numbers. Please Note: If you are building a NEW CUSTOM track, it would be wise to MAKE SURE you can get licensing on the song, before building the new track. If you cannot find a license number on your song, the only other option is to contact the writer directly to see if permission will be granted.


Other info needed for state paperwork (publisher, writer, etc) can be found very easily if you will Google your song title.


Track use on existing tracks is good for ONE pageant season. If you plan to use the same track for the following season YOU MUST notify Bill of this intention. Otherwise, your song will not be held for the following year in your state.  You must also pay the rental fee on the track for the next season.


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