Pricing & Payment


Lesson, Track & Apartment Packages 
    (Click HERE for Apartment Pics & Info)

    Package #1 (Lessons and Track of choice-NO Apartment)
                              * $600
                              * 4 Hours of Lesson Time
                              * Track of Choice (tracks run from $175-$450)

    Package #2 (Lessons, Track of choice, Apartment for 1 night)
                              * $750
                              * 4 hours of lesson time
                              * Track of Choice (Tracks run from $175 to $450)
                              * Use of Apartment for 1 night 

    Package #3 (Lessons, Track of Choice, Apartment for 2 nights)
                              * $950
                              * 5 hours of lesson time
                              * Track of Choice (Tracks run from $175 to $450)
                              * Use of Apartment for 2 nights

    Package #4  (Lessons and Apartment packages-NO track)
                              A-$550   4 hours of lesson time/Apartment-1 night
                              B-$700   4 hours of lesson time/Apartment-2 nights

     Brush Up Package-Apartment 1 night/2 hours of lesson time
                                  $375    Designed to brush up a piece in progress                           

Non Package Hourly Lesson Rate-$100 per hour
Tracks: Karaoke Edits-$125 and up, Custom-$175 and up

**Please Note: Packages are available for use in Kansas City only. There is no expiration on when lesson time may be used. Booking is based on availability. Package hours get first priority in scheduling lessons during the busy pageant season. Additional lesson hours may be booked with any package at a rate of $80 per hour.  Unused package hours are NOT transferable to other contestants.

**Check in time to apartment is anytime after 3 pm on the day of arrival. Check out time by 12:00
     pm on day of departure. This allows time for cleaning and preparation for next guest.
     VRBO also books the apartment as a vacation destination rental. It is very popular.

**A $250.00 deposit is required to hold dates for all packages. 
      This deposit is non-refundable.


If Bill Travels to You 

#1.  Bill will travel to wherever you are located
        1 DAY, 6 hours of lesson work-$900

     **Hosting party must provide place to work and cover HALF of travel expenses       

#2  Bill will travel to wherever you are located
        2 DAYS, 10 hours of lesson work-$1500

    **Hosting parties must provide place to work and cover HALF of travel expenses.


 Track Ordering Process

Tracks are priced from $125 (Karaoke Edits including DEMO and matching TRACK) to $450 (Available Past Custom Tracks-most are in the $175-$350 range)

1. Select Track or tracks you are interested in.

2. Email, text or call Bill for pricing.  ( or 816-809-1582)
3. Make Payment: Paypal, Venmo or CC
Please Note: There is no direct link on the website to make purchase through. You must go directly to Paypal or Venmo to make payment, OR provide CC info to Bill.

     *Paypay email addy to SEND MONEY to is:

      *Venmo contact is : @talentwolfe

      *If Using CC please proide:
        CC #, Expiration date, 3 digit code, and ZIP CODE

4. MP3 of Demo & Track will be emailed the same day payment is confirmed.


Payment Options When Purchasing Music
       (once price has been confirmed)

1.  PayPal or Venmo
Confirm track price through email with Bill Wolfe
Go to   SEND MONEY to
Go to  Venmo Contact to SEND MONEY is @talentwolfe
      PLEASE use Friends and Family option when using Paypal or Venmo

2.  Credit Card
      Provide: CC#, expiration date, 3 digit code, zip code





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